Stone Decks Installation Guide

Stone decks have never been easier to install than with StoneDeks System. From our SilcaGrates™ down to our SilcaSpacers™, this revolutionary deck floor underlayment will provide unlimited opportunities to use paver stones, porcelain tile, travertine tile, and more for customized stone flooring. You are no longer limited to wood or composite decking when determining which flooring options best suit your style and deck plans.

StoneDeks System is ideal for a ‘Do-It-Yourselfers’. Our product has been designed with ease of use as a top priority. In addition to all the helpful resources and materials you can find below, you can find even more through our ‘Helpful Resources” tab in the ‘DIY’ section of the website.

StoneDeks System is superior to other decking materials in both maintenance and value. Wood decks need sanded, stained and weatherproofed as frequently as yearly. Composite decks warp and fade over time. When you compare other types of flooring to stone, stone comes out on top every time. Stone is a natural resource that will stand up to decades of heavy traffic and weather with minimal maintenance. SilcaGrates™ are Intertek ETL CCRR – US 0366 certified which means our grates meet or exceed building code compliance requirements. (Previously ICC-ES certified)

As you install StonDeks System, be sure to reference the links below for help with planning, designing and installing a beautiful stone deck that will be safe, durable and ready to enjoy. Get started building your very own stone deck today and welcome to the deck revolution!

More Resources

Additional Resources

Here are some links to some external resources as well as some links to out FAQ section and our Knowledge Bases that is full of install videos, technical specifications, training and more. Enjoy!

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