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Over a decade ago, Bart Stuchell (Owner & President), got a call from a friend of his. The friend wanted Bart to come over and see the brand new deck he just had installed. When Bart arrived, the friend took him to see the deck and he immediately noticed the beautiful stone sidewalk that was built in the center. While the pair stood there in admiration, Bart’s friend suggested to him, “You know what Bart? You need to create something that would make this type of project a whole lot easier!” Within a years time of that encounter, the StoneDeks System was created.

The StoneDeks System was envisioned as a brand new product that would allow customers to use high quality natural stone, porcelain and stone pavers on their outside deck to create all sorts of hardscape influenced masterpieces. More than that, this new product would make the decking installation downright easy without all the pitfalls of traditional wooden decking like constant maintenance as well as splinters and decay. A stone deck solves many of the problems of traditional wooden decks, and Bart knew it. He knew that if there were a well-designed product to build stone decks, customers would use it to beautify their outdoor living space. The rest is history.

In 2007, StoneDeks System launched and hasn’t looked back since. Over the last 10 years, StoneDeks has become an industry leader in outdoor innovation. We have seen the growth of our humble company into an international operation supplying families across the globe with this amazing system that’s as easy as it is versatile, and you can read testimonials from some of those families here! We’re also proud to offer products made right here in the US with recycled materials. Bart and our team continue to work diligently to create even more creative solutions and applications for the entire hardscape, landscape and deck community. We’re so glad you decided to stop by because you’re the whole reason we do what we do. Welcome to the StoneDek revolution! 

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