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Elevated Decks/Patios

Elevated Decks & Patios

Elevated Decks

A Better Way To Build Elevated Decks With Stone And Pavers

A ground-level stone patio is lovely, but why not take it to the next level with an elevated stone deck? 

This is precisely what our founder envisioned when he created the StoneDeks System, which takes the concept of stone patios to an entirely new height, literally.

Think about why you might want elevated stone decks and patios. An elevated stone deck gives you the same luxurious feel as a stone patio but with more versatility and height! Picture this – you can have a stone deck that overlooks the rest of your yard, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a stone patio but with an elevated view. Unique? Absolutely.

After installing our products directly on top of your deck frame, stone or pavers can be laid on top. Our grid system is designed to allow for drainage, giving you a worry-free elevated deck that you can enjoy for years. 

No matter what type of project you’re planning, StoneDeks has everything you need to build an elevated stone deck. With our comprehensive resource center and network of dealers and builders available to assist, we make creating your dream outdoor living space simple and enjoyable.

See How StoneDeks Can Elevate Your Deck

Elevate your outdoor living with StoneDeks, the innovative choice for luxurious, durable, and low-maintenance elevated decks. Crafted for longevity and style, StoneDeks reshapes traditional decking with a modern twist of natural stone, ensuring your new elevated patio withstands the test of time and climate. Whether you’re constructing a stunning entrance to your garden or an expansive entertaining space that seamlessly blends with nature, our elevated stone decks will deliver superior strength and stability without compromising on elegance.

Engineered to prevent mold and rot while providing a skid-resistant surface, each elevated paver patio transforms the way you interact with your outdoor environment. With a commitment to sustainability and quality, StoneDeks elevates not just your deck but also your expectations. Trust in StoneDeks to bring your elevated deck dreams to life—where strength and beauty converge in perfect harmony.

The Benefits Of An Elevated Stone Deck

Elevated stone decks and patios can be an incredibly rewarding investment. Not only do they offer the same luxurious feel as ground-level patios and hardscapes, but they also provide increased versatility and height to enjoy your outdoor living area. In addition, elevated stone decks are beautiful, durable, and low maintenance, ensuring an enjoyable outdoor living experience. 

The StoneDeks System eliminates the need for backfill or poured concrete, as well as the need for retaining walls, allowing for a cost-effective, easy to install stone deck. Our product eliminates callbacks due to settling and provides increased design and finish options, as well as easier access for plumbing, wiring, and other utilities.

  • Enjoy all the benefits of patios and pavers but with an elevated view.
  • Durable and low maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep to stay beautiful.
  • Works well for uneven terrain.
  • Easily match your hardscape to elevated surfaces.
  • Eliminates the need for any backfill or poured concrete.
  • A stone deck will not heave, sink, or settle as opposed to ground-level patios.
  • For contractors, it eliminates callbacks due to settling.


The StoneDeks System is a very versatile system that can be used in a variety of applications, and that doesn’t end with existing decks! If you are just looking to renovate your current deck and bring new life to it by transforming it into a stone deck, then StoneDeks is still the right choice for you. Since an existing deck wouldn’t have been measured and built to account for the thickness of SilcaGrate, the installation is a little bit different but still just as simple. We have very useful training courses and materials on the website that can help you in both new and existing deck installations.
It would not be recommended to install pavers on a deck without a proper support structure in place that can support the extra weight. That is where StoneDeks System comes in! The Silcagrate was designed to support the weight of hardscape materials while also being simple and easy to install. The grates are tested by applying over 500 pounds of weight on each grate for at least 30 days!
The answer to this question can be pretty dependent on exactly what stone or hardscape material you plan to use. In general, a stone deck can be a bit more expensive than wood or composite to install. That being said, the long-term costs are considerably lower since there is little to no maintenance with a stone deck. For example, wood decks are definitely the cheapest option, but have a shorter life span and will require regular maintenance and upkeep every 3 to 5 years, while a stone deck won’t be susceptible to weathering and fading and rot like a wood deck would be so wouldn’t require the same maintenance and upkeep costs.
This would vary depending on a few different factors. First you would want to consider what material you are using. Pavers like concrete tend to get hotter than natural stone or porcelain tiles, which tend to maintain cooler surface temperatures. You would also want to consider the color of your pavers. Black tends to absorb the most light and therefore would hold the most heat. The darker the paver, the hotter the surface. Finally, you could always choose to put up a nice shade system to help maintain the temperature of your deck.
This again will be dependent on what hardscape material you choose to use. Keep in mind that hardscape is regularly use around pool areas and for decks around pools so the manufacturers of the used hardscapes have to keep this very thing in mind. When choosing what type of paver you are going to use, be sure to research the slip resistance properties of the material and refer to the manufacturers specifications.
We have a very convenient and easy to use dealer and contractor locator on the website that allows you to search your location for the nearest contractor to you. We have dealers and contractors all over the U.S. and only continue to expand. If you are having trouble finding someone in your area, feel free to contact us or have your contractor contact us so we can help in getting you everything you need.
While the primary purpose of the StoneDeks system is for the installation of hardscape on decks, it can be used with Astroturf as well. We have had people use this around pool decks and the results look amazing. It is suggested that a good sturdy geotextile or our SilcaMat is placed underneath the Astroturf to give the turf a more sturdy backing and prevent a chair leg going through the turf and the open grates.
Drill or impact driver, Circular or reciprocating saw, Goggles, Measuring tape, Hammer. Visit our How It Works page for recommendations and tips on installing Silca Grate™