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Why Use the StoneDeks System on Your Next Deck Project?


Picture of Bart Stuchell

Bart Stuchell

Bart Stuchell, the founder of StoneDeks Systems, revolutionized the decking industry by developing a system that transforms traditional wood decks into stunning stone decks. Bart used his expertise in manufacturing to create the Silca System and Silca Grate, making deck installation easier and more aesthetically pleasing.

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Decks are terrific home additions that offer impressive versatility, allowing you to create a new family gathering space, an outdoor kitchen, and much more. While you have many options for materials and brands, the StoneDeks system offers unique benefits that make it ideal for any decking project. 

Enhancing outdoor living spaces has never been easier for deck builders, thanks to the innovative solutions provided by StoneDeks. Our range of products is specifically designed to streamline the process of building stone decks, offering a robust and aesthetic alternative to traditional decking materials. Discover the unparalleled advantages of integrating StoneDeks into your next decking project.

Why Choose StoneDeks for Your Decking Solutions?

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Forget the conventional brown wood decks and say hello to a world of durability, style, and ease with StoneDeks. Our products are engineered to perfection, ensuring that deck builders can effortlessly create stunning outdoor spaces using stone, pavers, brick, or tile. Let’s delve into the unique products we offer and why they stand out in the market.

SilcaGrate™: The Foundation of Excellence

At the heart of our system is SilcaGrate™, a structural support underlayment designed to hold any type of stone, paver, or brick on both wood and metal frame structures. This innovation ensures a stable and durable foundation for your deck, providing long-lasting support and reliability.

Silca Soil Grid™: Stability Like Never Before

Building a stronger hardscape has never been more straightforward. With Silca Soil Grid™, deck builders can link multiple units together, stabilizing the base material and ensuring an even more robust decking solution.

SilcaSpacers™: Precision and Durability

Achieve perfection in your decking projects with SilcaSpacers™. These spacers create a reliable sub-flooring system, ensuring even spacing and optimal support throughout the deck. They work in harmony with other StoneDeks products to provide a comprehensive solution for any outdoor project.

SilcaMat™: Defying the Elements

Addressing concerns of mold, bacteria, and climate instability, SilcaMat™ offers unparalleled resistance. Stable in both hot and cold climates, this addition to your decking project ensures a clean and healthy outdoor living space.

Revolutionize Your Outdoor Spaces

StoneDeks is not just a product; it’s a solution. Our system is tailored for deck builders looking to elevate their craft and deliver exceptional outdoor living spaces. With our products, you’re not just building decks; you’re creating durable, stylish, and innovative outdoor experiences that stand the test of time.

An Efficient and Professional Installation Process

The StoneDeks system is a great choice, whether replacing an outdated deck or building a new one from scratch. The process starts when your StoneDeks deck builder uses SilcaGrate — an innovative grate system — to cover the joists. Not only does SilcaGrate create an even foundation for your new deck, but it also uses recycled materials, allowing you to enjoy a more eco-friendly home improvement project.

Next, your deck builder places the SilcaMat on top of the SilcaGrate to help prevent mold and bacteria growth. Finally, they place the pavers, stones, or hardscaping material of choice on top of the SilcaMat and add the finishing touches to your new, stunning deck.

The StoneDeks System Offers Durability and Style

The StoneDeks System in Alliance, OH offers impressive durability and longevity while giving you a longer-lasting and stunningly beautiful deck. If you want to consider stone for your pool deck or other decking ideas, Call us now or contact a StoneDeks professional to start your next outdoor home improvement project.

Are you a deck builder? Ask about the dealership program to take your projects to the next level!