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About Bart Stuchell

A creator, inventor, and patent holder who innovated a way to turn traditional wood decks into stone decks

Bart Stuchell is the founder of StoneDeks Systems

Who is Bart Stuchell?

Bart Stuchell is the founder of StoneDeks Systems, a company that revolutionized the decking industry by developing a system that allows homeowners and business owners to turn traditional wood decks into stone decks. His vision to create a product that would make deck installation easier and more aesthetically pleasing led to the development of the StoneDeks System.

Inspired by a friend who had installed a stunning stone sidewalk in the center of his deck, Bart was asked to create a solution that would make such projects more accessible. Drawing on his background in the power generation equipment industry, research and development, and aerospace manufacturing, Bart used his expertise to create the Silca System and SilcaGrate, which have been used in various applications, including his own deck.

Before his venture with StoneDeks Systems, Bart and his wife, Mary Ann Stuchell, purchased Sare Plastics, a custom plastic injection molding company based in Northeast Ohio. With a mission to manufacture plastic parts and products with the highest degree of quality and customer service, Bart and Mary Ann reflected their commitment to advancing American innovation.

Early in his career, Bart worked at Babcock & Wilcox Inc.’s Alliance research and development center for 15 years. There, he focused on creating prototypes and conducting tests on metal parts, which laid the foundation for his expertise in the building industry. Bart also co-founded a company that produced online corrosion monitoring equipment for nuclear power plants and later joined PCC Airfoils.

Alongside his professional endeavors, Bart is an active member of the Alliance Rotary Club and has been honored as a Paul Harris Fellow. Known for his goal-oriented and focused approach to business, Bart is highly regarded by his colleagues and business partners. His dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction makes him an invaluable asset to the decking and plastic injection molding industries.

As the founder of StoneDeks Systems and a seasoned entrepreneur, Bart Stuchell continues to be open to new ideas and strives to do what is best for his team. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Bart remains committed to advancing the decking industry and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

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