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Bridges & Walkways

Bridges & Walkways

A Better Way To Build Stone Bridges & Walkways 

Not only can you use the StoneDeks system to build elevated decks with stone, but you can also use it to create patios, walkways, bridges, and more.  Whether you want to create a walking path between levels of your backyard or add an elegant stone walkway in front of your home, the StoneDeks System can provide the perfect foundation for your project.  We offer different products to fit your needs, such as the SilcaGrate, which is primarily intended for decks and elevated surfaces. The SilcaGrate system is ideal for bridges and elevated walkways and can be screwed directly to wood joists and other surfaces. If you want to build a ground-level walkway or patio, the SilcaSoil Grid System is a cost-effective way to create a stable foundation. The linking grid system helps the surrounding landscape stay intact and is designed to hold heavier loads of pavers and stone.  Visit our resource center to learn how to install the StoneDeks System. Our support team and network of dealers are available to assist you.

The Benefits Of A Stone Bridge Or Walkway

All StoneDeks products are designed to provide years of enjoyment. The StoneDeks System provides immense customization options, enabling you to build a bridge or walkway that perfectly aligns with your style. Plus, you don’t need heavy construction equipment to create a patio or walkway – the innovative system is made to be easy to use.
  • Enjoy the beauty of stone without the hassle of traditional installation methods.
  • Create a cohesive look with the same materials across your outdoor space.
  • Get a bridge or walkway that will last for years with minimal maintenance. 
  • Quickly remodel wooden walkways and bridges into stone masterpieces.