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New Year, New Deck – Tips On Designing the Stone Deck Of Your Dreams

The start of a new year brings a phrase we know all too well…”New Year, New Me!” It’s high time we give ourselves a break and focus on ringing in the new year with upgrades to our outdoor spaces. In 2022, we could all use more relaxation; the trends this coming year in outdoor spaces and outdoor furniture are centering around creating a low-maintenance oasis to escape to on those balmy summer nights. Think bright, neutral colors, sustainable materials and even adding in some wildlife favorite plants to attract furry friends (if that’s your thing).

We know what you’re thinking…

“Ok, that sounds great, but how do I do that?” 

“Where do I start?”

Luckily, StoneDeks has the perfect products to jumpstart your outdoor space makeover.

A solid foundation is the key to success for any project, but especially a new deck. To bring in those calming, oasis vibes, check out StoneDeks porcelain and concrete options in lighter colors to start the color scheme off on the right foot and to avoid attracting so much heat from the sun beaming down! Whether you’re adding in a new deck, replacing old pavers or giving your poolside an upgrade, StoneDeks products are built to last and will become a staple in your home for years to come.

Now that the decking is in place, think of a setting, anywhere in the world, where you feel most at ease. Is it a beach? A destination vacation? A room in your home? What elements from this scene make you feel most relaxed? Maybe it’s the comfy furniture, the moody lighting, perhaps being surrounded by nature and greenery is what the key to comfort is for you.

The options for affordable, comfortable outdoor furniture are far and wide; look for something neutral to compliment your space, or throw in a patterned cushion or fun pillows if you want to make it a focal point. Hanging string lighting is a sure fire way to create ambiance in any space. For a twist on this classic decor, try opting for color changing bulbs! Remote controlled, easy to install, and now you have the power to change them to match your mood at any time. If you’re looking to bring in some greenery, try a snake plant, orchid, or a polka dot plant! The ones we’ve mentioned here are just a few that are safe for any cats and dogs you may have in your home. These plants are also low maintenance and will make a beautiful addition to any outdoor space.

In short, your outdoor space can be anything you make it. If a renovation seems too daunting of a task, imagine it one step at a time, starting from the ground up, with StoneDeks.

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