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Pool Decks

Porcelain Paver Pool Deck

Pool Decks

Create Unique Pool Decks With Stone And Pavers

Swim in style and luxury with a stone pool deck! Our system makes it easy to install stone or pavers on any deck, whether existing or starting from scratch!

Wooden decks have always been essential in above-ground pool projects, providing a comfortable spot to sunbathe or take a break from swimming. However, one issue remains – wood decking is hard to maintain.

When selecting the material for your pool deck, it is essential to find one that is durable and resistant to moisture and other weather elements. Hardscape materials like stone are low maintenance and maintain their beauty over time, so they’re ideal for pool areas.They also offer excellent surface traction, which means they’re not slippery when wet.

With StoneDeks, opting for an above-ground pool with a deck made of stone is now possible. You can even build stairs with our system as well. The stone or pavers will add a touch of class and elegance to your pool deck and reduce the need for upkeep. 

You can also use the StoneDeks system to install synthetic turf around a pool. Artificial turf is an excellent alternative to natural grass for pool areas because it requires minimal maintenance and looks great all year. 

The Benefits Of A Pool Deck With StoneDeks

A stone deck provides everything you need for a luxurious outdoor pool area. The unique colors, textures, and patterns of natural stone and pavers can be used to create custom, eye-catching designs. 

But the benefits are not limited to just a beautiful and luxurious aesthetic. You also get peace of mind knowing that your outdoor space is virtually maintenance-free and will last for many years to come. 

  • Hardscape materials like stone are highly resistant to water damage, rot, and insects.
  • Pavers and stone surfaces provide great footing, even when wet.
  • Installation is easy and cost-effective with our innovative system.
  • Stone decks are splinter-free and safe. 
  • Use synthetic turf, travertine, flagstone, pavers, natural stone, and more.

Now you can create a unique and luxurious pool deck with stone, pavers, porcelain, synthetic turf, and more. Start using the StoneDeks System today and see what a difference it can make in your outdoor living space.