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Outdoor Stairs Railing

Stone Deck Stairs

Build Stone Deck Stairs With The StoneDeks System

Whether you’re looking to transform a wooden deck into a luxurious stone outdoor living space or build a new stone deck from scratch, StoneDeks products are the perfect solution.

Our deck flooring system is perfect for various outdoor living designs, including multi-level surfaces and stairs. Not only is it easy to install – but it also allows you to place almost any hardscape material on your deck stairs.

SilcaGrate is the core of the StoneDeks System, providing a secure and durable foundation for your deck stairs. Silca Grates fit almost any stair configuration, as they can easily be trimmed to fit any deck stairway size. 

Simply measure your steps and cut the necessary number of Silca Grate panels to fit the dimensions. Then, screw the Silca Grates in place. Finally, lay down the pavers and glue them to the grates. It’s that simple!

The Benefits Of Stone Deck Stairs

With the SilcaGrates system, building deck stairs is easier than ever. DIY homeowners, deck architects, deck designers, and deck builders can all benefit from the ease and convenience of the StoneDeks System. It is designed to be cost-effective, helping you save money on materials and labor costs. 

  • Long-lasting and weather-resistant.
  • Easy to install and customize to any deck stairway size.
  • A secure and stable foundation for your stairs.
  • It allows you to install virtually any hardscape material, from pavers to porcelain tiles.
  • Perfect for remodeling wooden decks or building stone decks from scratch.