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New Construction Guide

StoneDeks New Construction Guide

For New Deck Construction with StoneDeks System and Stone Flooring

With the StoneDeks System, constructing your new deck is a breeze. The Silca Grates are designed to work with either the substructure of existing decks or a new construction! This makes it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your new outdoor stone floor, thanks to the StoneDeks System.

Transforming Wood Decks to Stone Decks

Instructional Materials

We are pleased to provide a wide variety of StoneDeks System instructional materials to make your new stone deck construction as quick, smooth, and enjoyable as possible. The following steps will guide you through the process of constructing your new deck and installing your StoneDeks-supported outdoor stone floor.

New Deck Construction Text Instructions

  1. Determine the desired elevation of your finished deck floor. There are several important factors to consider during this step, including doorway features and the thickness of your planned outdoor stone floor materials (i.e. natural stone or brick pavers). NOTE: The Silca Grate is 1 1/2 inches thick.

  2. Build your substructure up to the necessary height with 16 inch on-center floor joists. NOTE: Deck construction must be in compliance with your state and local codes.

  3. Screw down the Silca Grates to the floor joists using four #9 3″ deck screws per grate. It is recommended that the Silca Grates be staggered to achieve maximum strength and stability. To accomplish this, start one row of Silca Grates with a full grate, and start the next with a half grate. -Be sure that the Silca Grate’s reinforcement straps are on the bottom side, in contact with the floor joists.

  4. Install Geotextile blanket (ONLY if you are going to use Polymeric sand between the joints of your bricks or pavers).

  5. Install your new outdoor stone floor!