Frequently Asked Questions

General 16 questions
  • Why are some of my SilcaGrates a different color?

    Our SilcaGrates are made from recycled material, some of which are lighter in color than others. This in no way effects the strength of the SilcaGrate.

  • What are the recommended stone dimensions that I can use on top of the StoneDeks System?

    There are so many possibilities when you use the StoneDeks System! Any dimension stone, paver, or porcelain paver from 3/4″ up to 3″ can be used (for additional technical/installation questions, please call us at 330-821-1585).

  • Return Policy

    StoneDeks System will accept return of products that have been purchased within the past 180 days and have been properly stored and are in good condition. All returns must be pre-approved by StoneDeks System and you will be charged a 20% restocking fee and return shipment costs. Please submit your request to or call 330-821-1585.

  • Recommended installation of gauged flag stone
    1. Gauged flag stone can be adhered directly to the Silca grate™ we recommend Surebond 190 this can be done as a perimeter glue where the interior stones will remain in place by virtue of weight and friction or each stone can be glued down (Stone must be evenly cut) Natural stone can be installed the same as standard pavers
    2. We recommend using polymeric sand
    3. We do not recommend using exterior mortar to fill your joints or adhere Gauged flag stone can be installed in the same manner as natural stone or standard pavers depending on how even the sides are cut
    4. We do not recommend using exterior mortar to fill your joints or adhere your stones Recommended methods of finishing the outer edge of deck (Rim Joist, Fascia), Wood or Composite decking material can be used, Pavers or natural stone can be used to finish they can be adhered with recommended glue and use of either a temporary or permanent ledger board
  • Recommended installation of non- gauged flag stone
    1. Non gauged flag stone installation is possible with Silca grate™, however in this instance two layers of geotextile fabric and base of bedding sand needs to be used and all sides of the deck need to contain the sand and stone. As you lay each stone down it must be seated in the sand and then and leveled to the stone adjacent to it. Try to keep the joint lines between stoned to a minimum width This process needs to be repeated through the entire installation. The stone will not by its nature be completely level, their will me high and low spots
  • Recommendation for natural stone application
    1. SilcaGrates™ should be installed with the straps to the top, facing upwards.
    2. Natural stone can be adhered directly to the Silca Grate™. We recommend Surebond 190 or an equivalent. This can be done as a perimeter glue where the interior stones will remain in place by virtue of weight and friction, or each stone can be glued down if desired (stone must be evenly cut). Natural stone can be installed the same as standard pavers.
    3. Only use polymeric sand when creating joint lines.
    4. We do not recommend using exterior mortar to fill your joints or adhere your stones
  • Can I purchase StoneDeks System locally?

    To locate a Dealer near you go to our Dealer Locator page or call our Customer Representative at (330) 821-1585.

  • How do you finish the outside edge of the deck?

    You can glue  the pavers you used for the deck flooring around the edge, or you can use pressure treated lumber, cedar, or redwood as edging.

  • How do I apply stone to my steps?

    When applying stone to steps, SilcaGrates should be installed with the straps up, then adhere the stone to the SilcaGrates using a construction adhesive such as Surebond-190 or equivalent.

  • What is StoneDeks System?

    StoneDeks System is a deck inlay sub flooring grid that spans the space between floor joists to provide a super strong substructure for deck flooring. For more detailed information, check out our Home Page and About Us.

  • What kind of deck flooring material can be installed with StoneDeks System?

    Your deck flooring options are almost limitless: natural stone pavers, porcelain, travertine, blue stone, brick pavers, slate, marble, granite—in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. (NOTE: StoneDeks System does not include finished deck flooring at this time. All finished flooring is supplied by the customer.)

  • What tools are required for installation?

    Drill or impact driver, Circular or reciprocating saw, Goggles, Measuring tape, Hammer.
    Visit our How It Works page for recommendations and tips on installing Silca Grate™.

  • How do you connect Silca Grates™ to the floor joists?

    Center the Silca Grate™ on the floor joist and fasten  down with four #9, three-inch deck screws coated for pressure treated lumber. Make sure the screws are placed into the holes at the edge of the grate. Click here to see a video tutorial that will walk you through the process.

  • Is it easy to cut SilcaGrates™?

    Yes. For customized cuts around posts or dryer vents, use a circular saw, table saw, or sawzall. Remember to add blocking under any cut edge of the SilcaGrates.

  • Can Silca Grates™ be installed over an existing deck floor?

    No.  Wood and composite flooring trap water and moisture, creating an environment for mold and mildew.  Wood and composite deck boards also warp and distort over a period of time, making an unacceptable surface for proper Silca Grate™ installation.

  • What are the weight and dimensions of the Silca Grate?

    The dimensions of the Silca Grate are 16″ wide, 18″ long,  1 ½” thick, and weighs approximately 4 lbs.

Technical 5 questions
  • What is the correct spacing when installing SilcaGrates?

    Our product is designed to be installed on a 16″ on-center joist system. Since you can’t have both edges of the SilcaGrate on the 16″ on-center line, we recommend a 1/8″ to 3/16″ approximate spacing between the Grates. This creates a gap, but is perfectly acceptable.

  • What makes SilcaGrates™ structural?

    SilcaGrates™ are based on the hexagonal structure of beehives and manufactured from engineered polymers into grids that are 1 ½” thick.

  • What are some of the advantages of using StoneDeks System?

    StoneDeks System is a recycled, American-made, UV stable product.  The durable Silca Grate™ grids are designed to withstand freezing temperatures and the harsh effects of the sun.  Unlike deck boards which are known to warp, crack, distort, split, fade, and promote mold/mildew, natural stone and brick pavers are easily maintained and durable.  StoneDeks System enables you to install these heavy-duty materials on your deck, eliminating the need for the time-consuming labor and expense of sealing and staining a wooden deck.

  • What is the most common problem encountered when installing a StoneDeks System deck? (Flatness of deck)

    The most common issue is the movement or rocking of the pavers or stone.  This is caused by the joist having an uneven surface.  When one floor joist is higher or lower than the ones next to it a ridge or valley is created and the pavers or stone do not lay flat. Checking and adjusting the flatness of you deck surface before installing the Silca Grates is very important to a successful installation.  A deck can still be pitched to enhance drainage but the surface needs to be flat to prevent stone movement.

  • What is the temperature range in which Silca Grates can be used?

    The temperature range is -20 degrees to +125 degrees Fahrenheit. This is based on the information listed in the ESR-3748 report which meets the requirement of ASTM D7032, section 4.5.

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