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StoneDeks System

Bring The Beauty Of Stone, Tiles, And Pavers To Your Deck

The Best Way to Create a Stone or Tile Deck

A Low-Maintenance Alternative To Wood Decking​

StoneDeks System is leading the way in outdoor living space innovation. We manufacture and distribute structural support for building or refinishing your deck with stone, porcelain, or any other pavers. Thanks to the StoneDeks System, it’s easier than ever to build decks that are the beautiful, durable, and virtually maintenance-free deck of your dream

Stone Decking Applications

What Can You Create With Our Products?

With the StoneDeks System, there is no limit to what you can create. You can use stone, porcelain tile, brick, or any other hardscaping materials to create a unique deck. You can even use our system with walkways, balconies, raised and tiered patios, rooftops, and more!  Get inspired as you browse through our applications and discover what is possible with the StoneDeks System.

StoneDeks System

Innovative Stone decking Products

Simply put, StoneDeks System is a sub-flooring system that installs on top of pre-existing or newly built wood, metal deck joists, wooden deck frames. Doing so allows your deck to support any type of stone or paver you’d like.

The StoneDeks System provides the perfect solution for creating  decks with stone, tiles, or pavers.

Create stunning pool decks and enjoy a low-maintenance, long-lasting outdoor living space.

The StoneDeks System provides the perfect solution for creating  decks with stone, tiles, or pavers.

For Homeowners:

Whether you’re a DIYer or need help with installation, The StoneDeks System is the ideal solution for building a deck with stone, tiles, or pavers. Our comprehensive resource center and network of dealers and builders are available to assist you in creating the perfect stone deck.

For Contractors:

The StoneDeks System makes it possible to build high-quality decks with hardscaping materials in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Increase your business’s competitive edge by offering your clients the latest decking solutions.

Why Use The StoneDeks System

The Trusted Choice For Stone & Tile Decks

Easy Installation – The StoneDeks System is the easiest way to build or remodel decks with stone, tiles, or pavers.

Low-Maintenance – A deck built with our stone deck tile system is easy to maintain, ensuring a stress-free outdoor living experience.

Safe and Durable – The components of the StoneDeks System are designed to ensure a safe, stable, and durable deck surface.

StoneDeks System

A Low-Maintenance Alternative To Wood Decking

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