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""We were reluctant to resurface our existing 6 foot tall wood deck, but at the same time you know all the time and effort of staining. The StoneDeks System substructure with Travertine pavers were an answer to the ongoing upkeep problems we had with our old wood deck. The SilcaGrate was very simple to install, and I did it myself with the help of 2 of my children, ages 12 and 14. We weren't sure how strong the plastic would be at first, but were very surprised with how solid our deck is when we would walk on it. Our friends and family have all been surprised to see the Travertine on our deck! It is much more attractive, and there is no threat of splinters, like the old wood deck. The StoneDeks System has exceeded our expectations and I would suggest your product to anyone looking to install or replace a deck.""

"StoneDeks System allowed me to do the impossible. As a petite woman that set out to build my mom a stone porch by myself, halfway across the country, with only 7 days to do it in; I had a daunting task ahead of me. But your products made it happen. I planned, designed, ordered the SilcaGrates, installed, finished and was on my plane 7 days later. “Grateful” is the appropriate word for how I feel about the StoneDeks System! You made the impossible possible. Thank you, StoneDeks!"

"The StoneDeks System allowed me to make the compromise of building a deck versus a patio. The system is simple and versatile. In my opinion, the uses for your product in hardscaping and landscaping are endless. I have talked to a couple of the larger landscaping companies in the area and they are very excited about your product. I plan to hire one of them to put in stone steps around the deck for me do to the lack of time I have to finish before winter. I believe in your product and will continue to use it as a homeowner as or as an “installer” in the neighborhood because StoneDeks has definitely peaked some interest around here."

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