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Welcome to this Contractor Training Quiz, made for displaying your knowledge in the proper installation methods with the StoneDeks System and earning a spot on our 'Dealer & Contractor Locator' for generating more project leads. Start when you're ready and good luck!

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1. Rocking/wobbly pavers occur from time to time after installing SilcaGrates. What is the best option to fix rocking pavers?

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2. What can the StoneDeks System be used on? (Pick all that apply)

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True or False: The best method to install SilcaGrates on stairs is to cut-to-fit and support it on all four sides?

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4. What can be used to cut SilcaGrates?

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5. What do I do if I have an underdeck living space?

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6. What is the preferred method for installing standard pavers?

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7. What is the preferred method for installing ungauged pavers or natural stone?

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8. Where do you secure the SilcaGrate if you have cut off the nail holes?

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9. What kind of material can be installed?

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10. How much less backfill do you use with Silca SoilGrid?

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11. When using the StoneDeks System, what is the best way to extend the life of your deck?

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12. True or False: The StoneDeks System can be installed over existing deck floor boards?

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13. What is the preferred method for installing porcelain pavers?

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14. What is the preferred method for installing clean-cut, gauged pavers or natural stone pavers?

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15. What do you do to support areas where the SilcaGrate has been cut?

Welcome to this Contractor Training Quiz, made for displaying your knowledge in the proper installation methods with the StoneDeks Systemand earninga spot on our ‘Dealer & Contractor Locator’ for generatingmore project leads. Start when you’re ready and good luck!


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Use the contractor training course below, for studying how to properly install the StoneDeks System.
Once becoming familiar with the installation methods
you can Take Our Quiz to earn a certificate for 1 CE of ICPI continuing education credit. In addition
your company will be placed on our ‘Contractor Locator Page’. Completing the
course and the quiz gives you ICPI CE credit, while also getting posted on our locator,
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Dealership Program

StoneDeksTM System Dealership Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming a StoneDeksTM System Dealer. The StoneDeksTM System is transforming the decking and hardscape industry with our innovative design, offering unlimited options to create a customized outdoor living environment using natural stone, concrete and brick pavers and porcelain pavers of all colors, shapes and textures.

The StoneDeksTM System Dealer Program is specifically designed to increase your hardscape sales by equipping you with these vital tools:

❖ Our Commitment to our StoneDeksTM Dealers

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Referrals
  • Listed on our website
  • Literature
  • Show Room Floor Display
  • Available inventory (short lead times)
  • Training for your contractors and sales personnel

❖ StoneDeksTM Dealership Terms:

  • Fill Out Dealer Application
  • Requires Sales Tax ID
  • Initial purchase: 6-pallet minimum; 3-pallet
  • minimum for all reorders
  • Each pallet has 186 Silca grates totaling 372 sf
  • average size deck is 400sf to 500sf
  • First order prepay by Credit Card
  • Credit Terms available upon approval

Mike Duriga

Sales & Customer Service



SINCE 2007


For more information regarding the Silca SoilGrid, please contact us here.

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