StoneDeks System: Video Testimonial

StoneDeks System: Video Testimonial

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StoneDeks System: Video Testimonial Jeff Rak Land Creations Landscaping

In this video, Jeff Rak, President of Land Creations Landscaping shares how the StoneDeks System has helped his company to grow and opened opportunities for them. Silca Grates allowed him to build up right against the house without the concern of settling. He points out that his guys have found the StoneDeks System easy to work with and fast to install. Jeff and his crew appreciate that they can use the regular tools that they already have on the worksite – like a circular saw and a jigsaw – while still being able to cut radiuses giving a lot of flexibility in installation and design. Jeff has found that the honeycomb design of SilcaGrates gives the deck a lot of strength without a lot of bounce. Jeff also mentions that SilcaGrates are not an expensive to install because using the StoneDeks System saves so much time in installation. This is a product Jeff and his company can really rely on to increase profits and give them endless design options.



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