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Transforming Wood Decks to Stone Decks

The StoneDeks system is the best solution for remodeling/resurfacing your warn and damaged wood decks. 

Instructional Materials

  1. Preparing for StoneDeks System Stone Deck Installation – Remove all horizontal flooring (5/4 treated lumber, composite lumber, etc) from your existing deck. RECOMMENDATION: Framing and footing should be inspected by a qualified building official to make sure they are in line with all state and local codes.
  2. If you have sufficient threshold height, you may screw the Silca Grate™ on top of your floor joists. Be sure to consider the stack height and desired floor finish height. (See illustration two on this page.)
  3. If you do NOT have ample threshold height, you must add 2×4 cleat on each side of the floor joist. NOTE: Maintain correct height while fastening on joist.
  4. Trim 1 1/2″ off the Silca Grate™ . Inlay Silca Grate™ on top of 2×4 cleat. NOTE: Deck construction must be in compliance with your state and local codes. Refer to table 2 at the end of the page. NOTE: Silca Grate™ has two sets of screw holes on one side of the Silca Grate™ . Trim the side with two holes.
  5. Install Geo-textile / landscape blanket. The same as step 4. on the New Deck Construction Guide.
  6. Treated Lumber Border. The same as step 5 on the New Deck Construction Guide but do NOT include the height of the Silca Grate™ .
  7. Congratulations on finishing your new remodeled deck, complete with StoneDeks System supported outdoor paver flooring! To finish, you may cover the exterior fascia edging with aluminum, vinyl, ceder, composite, or treated lumber.