Meet the StoneDeks System.

Simply put, StoneDeks System is a sub-flooring system that installs on top of pre-existing or newly built wood or metal deck joists. Doing so allows your deck to support any type of stone or paver you’d like. StoneDeks System can help you transform your wood deck into a beautiful, durable and low-maintenance stone deck. Not only is it strong and beautiful but it’s also made with recycled materials right here in the US. Take a look below to learn more about some of the products that make the StoneDeks System work.



Our patented SilcaGrate™ is the core of our entire StoneDeks System. You can use this durable sub-flooring grate to apply stone to almost any hardscape or deck design. The entire StoneDeks System is engineered for strength and easy installation to create an attractive, long-lasting, low maintenance deck.

SilcaGrate™ has made it possible for DIY homeowners, deck architects, deck designers and deck builders to be creative with new and exciting decking ideas for a durable deck flooring that enhances the outdoor living experience. Our SilcaGrate™ is Eco-friendly as well, in that it’s made from recycled material. Because of this, the SilcaGrate™ may very in color.



recycle-logo Silca HardscapeGrid
silca soil grid pdf diagram

For more information regarding the Silca HardscapeGrid, please contact us here.



Our SilcaMat™ is a pervious rubber underlayment that can be used between the SilcaGrate™, porcelain pavers and stone or pavers to deaden sound and help reduce movement of the pavers or stone while still allowing moisture to drain.

The SilcaMat™ is resistant to mold, bacteria, fungi and is extremely stable in both cold and hot climates. It’s also eco-friendly because it’s made from 94% recycled rubber.

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Our SilcaSpacers™ are one of our more recently developed products. These spacers are designed to perfectly fit with various stone, porcelain and pavers of all types and our SilcaGrate™. The SilcaSpacers™ come in three different variations; flexible, black rigid and clear rigid.

You can use the SilcaSpacers™ along with the other products in our StoneDeks System line to create a reliable and durable sub-flooring system that works in harmony to support the deck of your dreams.

Endless Possibilities

One of the best things about StoneDeks System is the incredible versatility. The applications and design options are virtually endless.

Here's some ways to use and enjoy our products:

Multi-Level Stone Deck

Multi-Level Decks

Multi-level decks can make for a stunning visual and practical display. Rather you want a simple bi-level deck with two sections or a cascading multi-level deck that canvases a backyard hillside, StoneDeks System can help you get it done. With all the various applications the only limitation is your own imagination.

Elevated Stone Decks/Patios

Elevated Decks/Patios

StoneDeks unique System makes finishing your elevated or raised deck a breeze no matter what the height. So whether you want a beautiful deck off your first floor kitchen or an elevated deck off your family room where you might have a basement entrance underneath, our StoneDeks System can handle the job.

Stone Rooftop Decks

Rooftop Decks

Rooftop decks can be incredibly unique. Whether you have a flat-top garage adjacent your house of the top of a commercial building. A rooftop deck can be a great space when you have limited backyard square footage. StoneDeks System will be releasing our new rooftop pedestals soon and that will make it even easier.

Stone Pool Deck

Pool Decks

Wooden pool decks can take a ton of wear and tear. So we all know what that means; more maintenance. Not to mention things like splinters and quicker rot from the constant moisture. With StoneDeks System you can create a beautiful stone deck around your in-ground or above-ground pool that looks amazing and is easy to maintain.

Brick Paver Porch Steps


Talk about curb appeal! You can replace that old wooden or slab concrete porch with a beautiful stone porch. You can even extend a stone walkway or path right up stairs and into your porch space with flawless consistency. You’ll have no problem getting people to come over to your welcoming home. However we can’t guarantee they’ll ever want to leave!.

French Balcony


A balcony can be an elegant addition to any home. Beautiful french doors off of the second-story master suite sounds like a nice evening get-away spot. Relaxing at a cafe table or comfy chair, sipping an ice cold lemonade and watching the summer sun fade into twilight. StoneDeks can make this scene a reality. *Cannot guarantee picturesque sunsets*

Stone Gazebos


A gazebo can be a beautiful backyard centerpiece. Summertime picnics, backyard weddings or even a lazy oasis in shaded comfort. Now imagine a gorgeous stone design covering the entire base both top and sides. Meticulously placed stones lining the stairway entrance and continuing down the cobbled path.

Deck Stone Stairways


No elevated deck would be complete without a stairway or two. With StoneDeks System you can match that beautiful deck with a stone staircase that accents your deck design. Create a visually stunning staircase that can seamlessly connect with the rest of your hardscape and landscape design.

Stone Bridges & Walkways

Bridges & Walkways

StoneDeks System makes it incredibly simple and safe to craft elaborate walkways and bridges. From stone paths with elevated stone-capped flowerbeds lining the sides to intricate stone bridges over koi ponds or streams. You an create anything from an English garden to a contemporary lounge.


StoneDeks In Action

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